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Contact Us For Your Stay In Belgrade. ON Our Website You Will Get The Best Price. Tourist Service Available. Belgrade Hotel.

RMB Accommodation offers fresh and new apartments in Belgrade City Center area in the Savamala district. Cheap Belgrade Hotels located near the heart of the city, our chain of apartments offers the best service for the listed price. 5 star Belgrade Accommodation. Near sights like Kalemegdan Fortress, Skadarlija Street, St Sava Temple, Knez Mihajlova Street, Nikola Tesla Museum, National Museum, Republic Square, Usce, Belgrade Waterfront and many more. Trips outside of Belgrade are also available as well as boat tours, bike rentals, luggage storage and many more. Breakfast and Coffee included. Transfers available.

Spend your vacation in Belgrade Serbia Apartments. The right choice for visitors who are searching for peace and quiet while at the same time being in the center of the city. Our staff is attentive and always available for help to our guests. You can enjoy our wonderful view of the city and its monuments. Wi-Fi service is free to all our guests. Tourist information is available at all times. Guided tours available with discount prices. RMB Savamala Apartments welcomes you to the vibrant and colorful city of Belgrade. Belgrade hotels are good but why spend the extra money when you can have the comfort of a home in one of our apartments and still have cheap accommodation. Contact us and find the best deal in Belgrade. We are always available on viber and whatsapp and we respond as fast as possible.

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RMB Savamala 1

Room Size: 40m2
Bed: King Bed
Persons: 2-4
Per Night: 30€

RMB Savamala 2

Room Size: 25m2
Bed: King Bed
Persons: 2
Per Night: 25€
IMG_2223 (1)

RMB Savamala 3

Room Size: 60m2
Bed: King Bed
Persons: 4-6
Per Night: 40€